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Designated Distraction

by The Spin Wires

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Time is a Fire In which we all burn You'll never get it right Waiting your turn Set the window wide Drink the day When you give it up Give it away Time is a fire we can't live without Can you bring it in and put it out Time is a fire we can't live without Can you bring it in and bring it out Set the window wide Waste the day If you live it up Give it away Now your bleeding out Under the sun Will you give it up Come undone
So Hot 03:37
Your so hot And I am not The one she dreams about at night When she goes and hits the spot I'm just not Thicken the plot of my longshot To win the prize we all have sought Two coins and one slot One knife to cut the knot Six eyes can see a lot Jackpot Jackpot Does my cologne Make your demons want to take me home Made a deal to burn it to the bone Place to be and place to see and all I want is one damn piece and all I want is you to be hot Oh your so damn hot What's wrong with getting what you want
Night Life 03:08
Let's Watch It Burn Yea We'll Break Parole There's No U-Turn Your Lips are a Black Hole We'll go all out Yea, we'll break the scene They'll hear the sound Of us screaming Making a plan to be all that you want to be Bring it all out and then taking it home with me Leaving the fight to take flight is catastrophe Don't you know you can't back out Bring it back to me Night Life Swimming out to the high tide Breaking out of the lime light Drink it up because I just can't help but get it right Night Life Going down on a landslide Going out on a joy ride Drink it up because I I just can't help but get it right Let's burn it down Yea we'll make the scene They'll hear the sound of us singing I'm running running running out of time
Fifth Grade 03:15
Wait Before you give it all away Wait another day Wait until I can get outside Wait until I get you off my mind I am the rock in the bottom of your shoe Feels like I’m in fifth grade when I’m with you The walls are small, we start to fall, the time has come Wait Cause you're a problem Take what you want and let it go Take what you need and take it slow Take what you make, what you fake, what you break I’m overdone Take All the beams out of the sun When all you do is look for compliments You and I, we just don’t complement each other is never you and me And no one else can see, see, see___ [Dropout] That the more I talk, the less I speak to you Feels like I’m doing things I shouldn’t do Shake out the rock, get out on top, the time has come Wait cause you’re a problem
Just a Fling 03:34
One kiss lights the fuse on the dynamite It was just too much fun for one night Hit on you without a plan of action Now I've set off a chain reaction So my fate now hangs in the balance Of your unknown bedroom talents We'll get our kicks we'll get our kicks Right before the real world hits It's just a fling It's just a fling But to her it might mean everything It's just a fifty thousand feet above the earth it's just pile driving your blood face into the dirt One kiss lights the fuse on the dynamite It was just too much sex for one night Hit on you without a plan of action Now I've set off a chain reaction First it's smoking drinking selling yelling screwing whoring Now it's screaming fighting oh my god it's fuckin' boring As your going through my garbage and your picking through my things When you've got nothing to lose and you'd rather sink than swim
Yes, Right, Definitely, Yes And Move it Right and Move it Left Here She Comes
I waited and I waited Until everything was faded And I waited and I waited for you The lights were getting dimmer And my chances getting slimmer I was feeling like a moth to a fuse Now all my hearts are beating From this fleeting and depleting light that I can’t help but fly myself into I’m blinded by the whiteness And my chest is feeling tightness As I waited and I waited for you Bring it back Take it back As my eyes get wider And the world gets small (HEY) I think about how the moth Don’t know nothing at all (HEY) All it knows is what is bright As its eyes get wide (HEY) And there’s never a stop sign Between the moth and the light And now I’m up here singing And my ears are fucking ringing And my fingers are worn down to the bone I’m telling all these people How you left me at the steeple As I waited for you to come home But now I’m so well off, in fact Before I have a heart attack I wanna get this off of my chest I think that life is better If I never send your letter So that maybe we can give this a rest Take me away Fly me away There’s no place for me in the light


Some bands elicit a mood. Other bands instigate action. And if the Spin Wires is understood to be the latter, the sound of its dance-inducing hop rock is apt to prompt a barroom full of ebullient drinkers to drench itself in a sheen of sweat, spilled cocktails and cups of draft beer.

Designated Distraction is the The Spin Wires' fourth EP and is out June 29, 2019.

Filled with bombastic drums, punk guitar riffs, and sizzling synth hooks, Designated Distraction is The Spin Wires greatest accomplishment to date. Here's what critics say:

"Really passionate, really bloody good." - Sound Sphere Magazine

Download includes all seven tracks, cover art, and more.

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released June 29, 2019




The Spin Wires Buffalo, New York

The Spin Wires are a Punk/Dance Rock band from Buffalo, NY. Never taking themselves too seriously, they embody the best elements of bands like Franz Ferdinand, The Black Keys and The Arctic Monkeys.

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