You Better Run - ZRUN Theme

by The Spin Wires

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The Spin Wires' single “You Better Run” is the alternative rock song recorded for Beatshapers' PS Vita Title "ZRUN." Edgy and danceable, one listen and you'll realize why "You Better Run"

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released June 6, 1966

The Spin Wires - Joe Grasso, Tyson Prince & RJ Porter

Album Art by - Poliip - Check her out, she's amazing -




The Spin Wires Buffalo, New York

The Spin Wires are a Punk/Dance Rock band from Buffalo, NY. Never taking themselves too seriously, they embody the best elements of bands like Franz Ferdinand, The Black Keys and The Arctic Monkeys.

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Track Name: You Better Run - ZRUN Theme
Day and night I always feel this hunger
You can't stop me turning this city asunder
If your bodies feeling cold its about to get colder
I'll sink my teeth into the side of your shoulder

I'm gonna eat you
You can try to run oo oo
But I'll catch you
No matter what you do
You'll never get away oo
I'm gonna get you

I hear your feet slam down on the pavement
Come a little closer and get stunned in amazement

You better run

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